Butterfly and Ant Bowl

imageThis bowl (2.75 in. high x 7 in. diameter) is based on the Aesop fable of the ant and the chrysalis.  In this story the ant boasts of his ability to climb and walk about the world while the chrysalis is trapped in his shell, barely able to move at all.  The evolving catapillar hears the words of the ant but does not respond.  A few days later the ant passes again to see that the hard shell is empty and a beautiful butterfly has emerged.  Fanned by the wings of the butterfly, the ant can no longer brag about his superior freedom to move about the world.

Blossoming Spring Yarn Bowl

imageAll kinds of fun crochet or knitting projects planned for warmer temperatures?  If you are looking for a yarn bowl that will highlight the pretty colors you are using for your next project, this bowl may be just the ticket.  I used the natural form of the branch to make the yarn catch.  No more balls of yarn on the floor, and a pretty bowl to boot!

Sandhill Crane Nest Bowl

imageMarch is typically the month of the massive sandhill crane migration from Mexico to the Arctic zones of Alaska and Russia.  Along the way, they stop at the Platte River in Nebraska to rest and eat.  While I have not seen the cranes gather there myself, I have heard it is quite a spectacular experience.  This bowl (2.25 in. high x 7.5 in. diameter) was inspired by one of many crane photographs taken by Gerrit Vyn and published in a book titled The Living Bird.  What a great way to welcome spring– beautiful bird in book and bowl.  (Try saying that five times fast.)

Animal or Vegetable? Bowl

imageIs it some exotic sea creature found only at great depths of the ocean, or is it a rare flower from the Amazon basin?  You can let your imagination travel with this bowl (2 in. high x 9 in. diameter).  The abstract design covers all of the surfaces, so it is just as fun to put it in the dishwasher as it is to display on your table.

Goldfish and Koi Bowls

imageThese shallow bowls (1.75 in. high x 7.5 in. diameter) were inspired by a drawing by LeonardGirl.  Her image was a pair of koi most similar to the bowl on the bottom.  After finishing that bowl, I thought I would use a similar graphic style for a single goldfish.  I love the way the fish look when viewed from above, each bowl a window to the imaginary pond below.

New Year Bowl

imageThe fresh start of a new year calls for trying something a bit out of the ordinary.  This bowl (3.75 in. high x 5.25 in. diameter) dried before I had a chance to carve it, so I decided to take the opportunity to experiment with Amaco Potter’s Choice glazes.  This design was a test of how the glazes interacted at different concentrations.  The base glaze is chun plum, with seaweed and saturation gold layered over the top.  I was a bit surprised by the vibrancy of the chun plum, but it gives the bowl a happy and fun vibe.  Have a wonderful 2016!

Winter Owl Gang Vase

imageIt is mid-December and the holiday decor is out in force.  These fun little owls are ready to celebrate to the new year and beyond.  The vase, or super-sized holiday eggnog cup (5 in. high x 4 in. diameter), is covered in owls with lots of personality.  In fact, they sort of remind me of the quirky characters from the movie The Royal Tananbaums.  Enjoy the holidays!

Falling Leaves Vase

imageNearly all of the autumn leaves have fallen, but this small vase (4.25 in. high x 4.5 in. diameter) will keep them coming all year.  Each specimen is unique, inspired by textiles and natural patterns I noticed while leaf peeping this year.  The inside of the vase is glazed in a bright cobalt blue that reminds me of the bluest of blue skies.  May your skies be bright and the world around you a delight!  (Did I just say that?)

Crunching and Munching Bowl

imageHappy Thanksgiving!  Hope you are all enjoying time with friends and family.  The holiday has always been about sharing time and food together.  This bowl will help you get into the spirit of the meal with all kinds of eating style suggestions.  Although certainly not big enough to hold a large side dish, this little bowl would be perfect for nuts and snacks beforehand, or small sides like cranberry sauce.